Practise Meditation To Overcome Drug Addiction

Studies have revealed that addiction to heroin and marijuana is not physical but psychological. Drug addicts get a ‘high feeling’ when they abuse these drugs. Their mind and body enters in to a state of complete relaxation and enjoyment. Addicts become oblivious of their pain, stress, anxieties, and start feeling good about everything.

Meditation is found to be quite effective in overcoming drug addiction. When one does meditation, the mind and body is made free of all the tensions and worries that may be bothering one and that usually triggers one to take drugs. Though after meditation, anxieties do come back but by practising meditation regularly, one can successfully overcome such feelings.

Then meditation allows one to keep oneself busy in a healthier activity. Rather than trying to fill the void your life with drug abuse, you get to indulge in something that has physical, psychological, and spiritual benefits. You would experience a high that is healthy and natural and also safe for you.

Those who do meditation find it addictive. But this addiction is better than drug addiction and it has no side effects.

To overcome heroin addiction, marijuana addiction, and addiction to other drugs, you can combine meditation with yoga and other exercises. Adopt a healthy lifestyle to quit substance abuse successfully.


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