Teen Drug Addiction: Signs You Must Not Ignore

Teen Drug addiction is a serious problem. It is the main cause of school dropouts, misbehaviour, and criminal activities in children. Here are some of the obvious signs that would tell you of your child’s drug abuse problem. Look out for them and take the right steps to stir away your child from this dangerous habit.

Aggressive behaviour, sudden and frequent mood swings-these are the most common side-effects of drug abuse. If your child is constantly irritated and gets aggressive quite often, he/she is most probably taking drugs.

Physical changes such as sudden weight loss, loss of appetite, red puffy eyes, watery nose, nausea, and headache without any cause are some other signs that you must look out for. These are the common physical changes that one experiences due to drug abuse.

Has your teen started isolating himself? Does he make excuses not to have meals with the family? Or does he avoid spending time with the family? If he/she is not meeting with friends you have the reason to worry.

Check whether your child is attending school regularly or not. If he makes excuses for flunking school or behaves inattentively, you must talk to him right away. Timely intervention can help prevent your child from getting addicted to the drug.

Depression, insomnia, and restlessness are some other signs of drug abuse. If you notice any of these symptoms in your child, do not hesitate in asking your child if he is taking drugs.

Many a times, kids start stealing money to buy drugs. Keep a watch on your child’s activities. Does he ask you for money every now and then? Or, does he make excuses to get some extra pocket money from you?

If you realise that your kid is taking drugs, do not intimidate him. Instead, provide your support, care, and love to help him overcome the addiction successfully. Search for a good drug rehab centre to help your child conquer drug addiction.


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