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Features of A Good Drug Rehab Centre Across London

In order to get the maximum benefits and successful results from drug rehabilitation, it is imperative to associate yourself with a good drug rehab centre in London. Following are the features of a good rehab centre that you must keep in mind when choosing the one for overcoming heroin, morphine, alcohol, or any other drug abuse and addiction.

A good rehab centre has trained and qualified counsellors who provide one-on-one counselling sessions to the addict.

Good drug rehabilitation centres offer a holistic approach to help the drug addicts overcome the drug abuse and to deal with the withdrawal symptoms. They make use of traditional methods like detox and medications along with psychiatric sessions and counselling for achieving better results.

Professional counsellors and medical professionals that offer drug rehabilitation provide love, care, and compassion to the drug addicts. They understand that overcoming drug addiction is not at all easy, but with the support and love, the road to recovery can be made easy.

After-care support is another feature of a good drug rehab centre. Drug addicts need treatment and support once they are out of the rehab centre to adjust in the society and to start normal life once again.

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How Harmful Is Alcohol Abuse For You Body?

Alcohol abuse can prove to be very harmful for your body. It can cause damage to many parts of your body, including kidney, heart, lungs, and stomach.

The kidney plays an important role in the body by acting as the waste management system. It filters the blood by excreting water and waste products in the form of urine. Kidneys also assist in clearing waste material from cells and aid in the absorption of nutrients that help in proper formation of the cells. Kidneys also produce certain hormones and help in stabilizing the acid base equilibrium of the bodily cells.

Excessive alcohol abuse interrupts the functioning of the kidney. It is found that soon after alcohol is consumed, the urine flow increases which results in a change in the anti-diuretic hormone. This eventually increases the blood’s electrolyte levels. When the stability of these electrolytes is affected, the brain too finds it difficult to regulate bodily processes, which may cause modifications in behavior.

Alcohol abuse increases blood pressure which may result in chronic kidney disease. Alcohol is high in calories and causes increase in body weight. Alcohol also makes absorption of blood pressure medications in the body difficult.

Long term alcohol abuse may prevent the liver from producing glucose. When alcohol enters the liver, it produces glucose again and when that alcohol has been eliminated from the body, it lowers the glucose levels of diabetics.

Thus alcohol can prove to be quite harmful for those who already have health problems.

If you or someone you love needs help with alcohol abuse, dependency or addiction, you can find various the best rehab centre in your area across UK.

What Are The Effects Of Heroin Addiction?

Heroin is believed to be one of the most deadly drugs in the world. It has got considerable side effects which if left untreated can prove deadly to the addict.

Due to Heroin abuse, the brain loses its capability to function normally. A person loses control over his body movements as well. Mental health confusion, nausea, vomiting, muscle twitching, hallucinations, violent tendencies, and headache are some other symptoms associated with heroin addiction.

There are other serious side effects associated with long term heroin abuse. Breathing difficulty, bacterial infections, hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, infection of lungs, kidney, and heart troubles are common problems that drug addicts experience.

Street heroin contains other substances which do not dissolve in the blood and cause clotting in the lungs, heart, kidney, and brain. Excessive clotting causes infections in various body organs. Higher doses of heroin addiction can result in death of the addict.

Other than the physical dangers, there are psychological and emotional side effects too that are associated with the heroin addiction and abuse. The addict cuts him off from society and loses interest in his personal, professional, and social life.

Overcoming heroin addiction is really important. If the addict doesn’t seek timely treatment or he indulges too much in the drug, he may lose his life as well. Good drug rehab centres have experienced, trained, and qualified therapists who work closely with the addicts.